How Search Engine Can Help You in Your Journey

For Example if we talk about a person planning for his visit to Istanbul he/she will find all information about the city. This article contains the information from website through search engines that the city that bids just about all kind of lodgings conceivable, in a vast capacity and all ranges. Many of the major world hotel brands are present in Istanbul, but there are also many family run guest house style accommodation options as well. This data was pulled out from different website through Google search engine.

Hotels in Istanbul

Taksim Square / Beyoğlu

Most significant and key points of contemporary Istanbul is Taksim Square (and in this area I’ve also included İstiklal and Beyoğlu). It’s right in the heart of the city, with shopping and restaurants in the area galore. This is a fantastic central area of Istanbul, where you can really soak in all the sights and sounds of Istanbul. You’ll find high end hotels like the The Ritz-Carlton and InterContinental, as well as mid ranged hotels
There are many other areas of Istanbul as well, and plenty of fantastic areas if you want to be a little further out of the center of town. But these three areas are some central locations for convenient transportation and access to Istanbul attractions, shopping, and food. So you can pull out information about the hotels and their facilities through search engines.

Places to Go

Hagia Sophia – Now a museum, but previously a mosque and even before that a church, Hagia Sophia is one of Istanbul’s famous attractions and benchmarks of the metropolis.

Süleymaniye Mosque – Similar to the Blue Mosque yet less visited by tourists, and just as iconic to Istanbul’s skyline is the inspiring Süleymaniye Mosque, another Ottoman chef-d'oeuvre. Along with ingoing into the mosque you can enjoy some amazing views of the Golden Horn and Bosphorus from the gardens.

Topkapi Palace – Completing the trio of the most popular attractions in this Istanbul travel guide, Topkapi Palace is right in the same area. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Topkapi Palace is a former Ottoman Sultan palace full of courtyards, gardens, galleries, and one of the highlights – the Imperial Harem

Basilica Cistern – Again, located right in old Sulthanamet, across the street from Hagia Sophia, you can walk around the dark and spooky cistern filled with columns and water, and don’t miss the enigmatic effigies.
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